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The winner for our drawing at the NGAUS 2017 booth is:


Jim Reed from Tennessee!

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The Perfect Salute

The Perfect Salute

For over 30 plus years I have always paid attention to those in uniform when they salute.  This goes back to my high school years of being in the JROTC program and learning the importance of attention to detail.  I was always intrigued by military history and the proper salute for a member of the United States military.  The hand is supposed to be angled in a way that the palm does not show and the tips of the fingers are at the eyebrow.  The reason the palm does not show is the United States has never lost a war.  You will notice other countries such as France or others have a different salute that shows the palm.  My observation to critique a salute steamed from being on a drill team, being a squad leader and an officer.  I must say as time has gone by I have started to accept the variations I have seen.

This past Saturday was Military Appreciation Day at the Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse football game in Death Valley.  While standing on the field at the halftime presentation a salute spoke to me unlike before.  The older gentleman standing in front of me snapped to attention and raised his hand to his brow as TAPS began to play.  My internal instinct said “Is he saluting correctly.”  Then I noticed his wrinkled fingers and a slight shake to his hand.  His salute did not show his palm but it did show years of service and pride for this country.  It showed he knew the brotherhood only those who have served felt.  I will never know where he served or which wars, if any, he was in.  I will never know if he lost a friend, a son or brother that he was paying respect to.  I did not see a young hand that reveled the need for my correction.  I saw wrinkles in my own fingers appearing and suddenly realized I was observing the perfect salute.  It’s amazing how you see things a thousand times but then you learn to respect the things that have become routine more as you become wiser.  The perfect salute is in those who have served many years before and pay respect to their fellow brothers and sisters who live today and have served before us.

We are excited to announce All into Travel, LLC will be introducing it’s new website this month.  A focus on our passion of serving Military families is growing and we want to help you get the best value for them.  If you go to our webiste you will be redirected temporarly to our Facebook page until construction is complete.  Thanks in advance for your patience.

This Veterans Day we are attending CruiseWorld a Travel Professional conference in Ft. Lauderdale.  I was recongized for being a Veteran along with others and then it was announced that next year on the Inagural cruise aboard the MSC cruise out of Miami we were invited to experience it first hand.  Thanks to MSC for supporting the Military along with all the other companies who offer Military benefits.




Shannon’s Trivia Corner


How many years did Michael serve in the Military?


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